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Our Math club is a students centered learning community guided by our experienced math teachers and volunteers.

To prepare AMC competition 2019, Join our “AMC 8 Club 19” now!

*  For students from 5-8 grades

*  Regular club meeting, onsite or online, to streamline key math knowledge points

*  Online discussion platform to sharing experiences, ask questions,

*  Informal small study-buddy group of 2-6 students with a tutor

*  No club fee

*  $ 10 costs per event paid only when you or your kids take

Contact us for more details  <gmathusa@gmail.com>

Our Math Learning programs:

1.  G-Math Center in Boston:

G-: stand for "Global,Gifted"

G-Math Center is a students-based math circle in great Boston area. It started as a casual math study group among a few elementary students in local Chinese communities in 2017. Gradually it extends to math competition preparation guide and other related functions.  Currently, G Math Circle organizes activities 2-3 times each month. Our students learn and exchange ideas related AMC 8, ISEE test, MATHCOUNTS games and more.

Our activities include (but not limited to):

A, to exchange learning ideas and to meet and to share math study experiences regularly among students,

B, to organize students to play math games in creative way,

C, to guide students to work on math related projects such as "Math Video Challenge" organized by mathcounts.org.

2.       Online Math courses in English for students, focusing on the students in China.  The goal is to help students to build up solid and broad foundation for math learning in international environment.  It is aimed to prepare our students in the math competitions and tests such as American Mathematics Competitions, the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series, Oxford and Cambridge Assessment and others.

3.     Virtual math club online to connect students who are interested in math worldwide.  One online video meet regularly by zoom.  This program is mainly for students, from elementary, middle school to high school, to share interests in math, to exchange study ideas and have fun together.   

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