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Our Mission: Our mission is to bridge the communication gap between people of different languages, nations and cultures.  We enhance cultural and business exchanges between China and the rest of the world.


As a leading education service center in China, Global Exchange Education Center has been providing education consulting for international schools (in China and all over the world), Mandarin language courses (on site and online), International teachers placement and cultural exchange programs for over a decade. Global Education Center support international schools in China as well as all over the world to enhance cross-cultural collaboration, foster global perspectives and leverage the power of cultural diversity to prepare students to become global contributors.  Our Educational consulting services include school management consulting, overseas teachers recruiting, career management, and professional development.

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Our Chinese language programs are designed to immerse participants in Mandarin through class instruction, individual tutoring, and a unique language exchange with native Mandarin speakers through our partner program. Currently our center focuses on providing online learning programs and one to one Chinese instruction in Beijing, China. 


It started in 1999 as a study abroad consulting agency to help Chinese students to find overseas study programs. Then in 2002, Global Exchange Center launched Chinese language programs for non-native Chinese students. Since then, it has been specializing in high quality, professional and competitively priced Chinese Language Training programs.   After that, Global Exchange Center has constantly developed high quality educational services, including Education Consulting for International schools in China, English teacher placement, Business Internships placement in China, Chinese Courses for Flight Attendants, and more.


In November, 2012, our main textbook “Real Life Chinese” was published as digital book on Amazon. The full title of this book is " Real Life Chinese-200 Practical Chinese Sentences with Communicative Approach” 实用汉语200句(shíyòng hànyǔ èrbǎi jù . It was the result of a few years hard word by many of our teachers in our center.  To access our digital book online: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AEGIAMA

Follow up by our wechat offical account:  huanqiujiaoliu

About us in Chinese 

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