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Our Chinese language programs are designed to immerse participants in Mandarin through class instruction, individual tutoring, and guided cultural exchange program in Beijing. Our programs typically emphasize conversational skills. Private one-to-one lessons may be tailored to fit individual student needs. Our Center provides on site training in Beijing as well as Chinese online courses. 

Learning to utilize a foreign language in a practical manner without immersion in an everyday environment can be difficult, even with prior academic study. Our center seeks to promote modern “communicative” teaching. Students are encouraged to actively learn through speaking and listening rather than just passive study.  Frequent grammar explanations are also provided in order to improve your structural understanding of Mandarin.

While we emphasize intensive practice, above all we feel that language learning must be fun and non-threatening in order to be effective. Our teachers like to enjoy themselves, and work hard to create a fun and constructive environment to better help you learn quickly and enjoy mastering Chinese!       

Our Chinese language program can be from beginner to advanced levels and the courses may start on any Monday except for public holidays. The duration may last from 1 weeks to a few months. Native Chinese teachers available with college degrees in either Chinese or education and years of experience teaching Chinese to foreigners.

Due to fluctuation of our students size, we may use "flexible training facilities" include spacious and quiet living room of our staff near our current location or public place such as tea house, coffee shop or quiet restaurant near students' accommodation in Beijing except for high season.  The location of classes for each student may be discussed and confirmed on case by case basis.

Details of Current Fees for Chinese Language programs

Our center also offers qualified and flexible online training courses for Chinese language learners. 

More details of our Online Chinese Courses.

Accommodation Services for international students in Beijing 

From our experiences, the best learning option is to combine our online Chinese learning programs (with our life experienced teachers) with short term onsite programs in Beijing. 

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